3 Surprising Tips on How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to remodeling your home, there are a lot of ways you can do it without tearing out some of its parts or spend more money on the overall renovation. One of the practical things to enhance its appearance is by cabinet painting. Colors can add attraction to the look of your cabinet, and you can also match it to the aesthetics of your home.

Painting your cabinets requires a high level of skill to make sure that the application is durable and efficient. Choose New Life Painting to do this project for you seamlessly. We have a team with several years of experience in providing service to Kennesaw, GA, and the surrounding areas. We practice expertise to ensure that the result of our work meets your needs and expectation.

With Eagle Painting, we can turn a dull kitchen into a lively ambiance. We can offer you customized options if you want to apply your personal touch to the design of your cabinets. Replacing them could be costly, so we ensure that we provide you with a better resolution where you can still save more money.

We only use high-quality coatings to make sure that the application is durable and can withstand the wear and tear. Paint Kitchen Cabinets are one of the critical visual components of your home, so it is essential to achieve an elegant finish and glossy look.

There are so many reasons why cabinet painting is necessary. It is suitable for old cabinets, and you want it to look modern. It can also be a better option if you’re going to enhance the look of your kitchen based on the latest trend. Doing so can bring a lighter and brighter ambiance to the entire space.

Best Benefits of custom cabinetry

Cabinets take up most of the portion of your kitchen. Regardless of its size and function, it is the most attention-seeking element more than your appliances or other furniture. So, it is essential to make it fresh like new since it is also more prone to grease and moisture every time you cook.

When considering the cost, quality, and result, custom cabinetry is a top choice. It is a work of art that makes use of quality materials based on the industry’s demand. It also allows you to choose the hardwoods that must be used in the project, but with a lesser impact on our environment.

With custom cabinetry, you can have your personal customized design, style, or material to address your objective and needs. It is made per order which means that you can suggest for your personal preferences to be applied to the work.

Yes, you can still sell your home even if it looks dull, but it makes a significant difference if you have your cabinets painted first. It means that cabinet painting plays a vital role if you are planning to sell or rent out your property. Get rid of those dirty an old cabinets, and for sure, cabinet painting will increase the value of your home.

Potential buyers usually consider the aesthetics of the components of your home. Nowadays, they are aware that this factor is valuable. They want that everything is correctly set up before they buy, and one of these things is to make sure that cabinets are also in excellent condition.

Spray painting is a less expensive option than replacement of the doors and drawers and cabinet frames. Sometimes, old-looking cabinets still function well and a coat of paint Will bring them back to life. It will save you 50% or less if you have them painted and bring them back to a lively appearance.

Cabinetry – Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet paint job can also prevents wastage. Imagine the waste of material if you dispose a cabinet Door that still functions well. You also need to remember that if you choose to replace them, there is also an additional cost for installation. You are not only wasting the materials that are still durable, but it can also cost you money.

If you prefer to replace your cabinets than have them painted, you need to remember that lit can bring hassle to your daily kitchen activities. With this in mind, it can cause interruption to your routine because replacement and installation of new ones take longer. Unlike with cabinet painting, you can quickly return to your normal activities because the process is shorter.

If you need an efficient cabinet painting service and quality paint, Eagle Painting will make sure that this task is done quickly without compromising the quality of the finished product. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and offer an affordable quote for every household.

Why Choose Eagle Painting

Eagle Painting takes pride in delivering quality work and guarantee to do the job with passion and commitment. Combining these two qualities help us achieve a satisfying result. Our several years of experience have helped us keep ourselves updated with the emerging trends happening in the cabinetry industry.

We are aware that designs exist and go. With this in mind, we ensure that our creative team will never let you behind from modern styles. We have a guarantee not just to provide the services you need, but we also treat every customer’s investment as ours.

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Served Locations

The Eagle Painting has served different areas for several areas, offering excellent opportunities to many homeowners to beautify their homes. Many have experienced a wide variety of our cabinetry services, and we continue to expand to let everyone achieve their dreams of having a beautiful element inside their home. We serve the following locations:

If you are living in these areas, feel free to call us and schedule a visit so we can check the better options suitable for your lifestyle. We assure you that the entire process is seamless, guaranteeing a high satisfaction result every customer deserve to have.

List of Materials Needed

  • Wood filler
  • Paint brush
  • tack cloth
  • Water based painting
  • Sanding blocks